Shopping & Entertainment

The shopping experience in Sri Lanka is truly unique as Sri Lanka offers an interesting and existing array of items, some of which are amazing Handicrafts, exquisite Precious Stones & Jewels, Readymade Garments, Batiks, Tea and aromatic Spices and Handlooms fabric materials, Lace and lacquerware, Leather products, Furniture, Ceramics and reproduction of Antiques, hand made Silver & Brass objects are also popular with visitors who have fine taste of shopping the very best for value-for-money.

However those items will come to those who are travelling from the Western world at throwaway prices, hence please do remember to check out the reasonable prices of items, to avoid being overcharged.

Also you may simply go bargain hunting at many shopping bazaars in Sri Lanka and the main bazaar area for the locals is Pettah in Colombo where the markets are busy and bustling. Watch out, bargaining skills are essential and also the Shoppers should be aware of cheap imports which have flooded some of these outlets recently.


Sri Lanka has a number of modern shopping malls and some 5-star hotels in Colombo and other major cities also have shopping arcades. The government operated Laksala store or the privately owned Lakmadura store in Colombo are famous shops to pick up souvenirs for friends and family. All items sold here have a fixed price. If you are not satisfied with the collection at these stores for certain items, then you can browse through the shops in the cities/ areas renowned for the particular item/s. Also you may simply go bargain hunting at many shopping bazaars in Sri Lanka, keeping in mind that bargaining skills are essential!

World’s finest “Ceylon Tea”

As the producer of the world's finest tea, there are many tea sales centers at most tourist destinations around the country and at main shopping centers in Colombo. While touring in Hill country area, you can find tea estates and their affiliated sales outlets too.

Readymade Garments

Sri Lanka is a major garment manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of clothing. Colombo offers the complete Western shopping experience with shops selling branded goods at unimaginably cheap prices and is a major attraction for garment hunters. One can buy excellent selection of children's wear, beach wear, casual clothing for men and women and warm padded jackets at attractive prices from Colombo mainly.

Gems & Jewellery

Ratnapura has been the main source of gems for many centuries and most of the Country's gem dealers are located in this town. While Blue sapphires are the most common group of gems in Sri Lanka many of the other varieties are also commonly mined. Sri Lanka's most celebrated export Blue Sapphires, Cats Eyes, Rubies, Star Rubies, Star Sapphires,Alexandrites, Moonstones, Zircons, Garnets, Amethysts, Topaz, etc. are offered for sale at most Jewellery outlets and at many gem dealers around the country. Most gem cutting centers in Kandy & Colombo that offer gems to be set into Jewellary as requested by the visitors, are the reputed selling outlets for Gem & Jewellary for tourists providing a government approved gem certificate.


Kandy is the best place to buy most of the handicrafts produced in Sri Lanka. There are number of shops catering to the tourists. At Kundasale, about 4km from Kandy, a village has been established recently to settle local craftsmen and their families. Visitors could watch artisans at work and purchase their products on site.

Wood Carving

Most popular furniture among the tourists is the Dutch and British era reproductions in addition to the amazing carved wooden elephants, statues and various kinds of masks & etc..


One can make merry in Sri Lanka indulging several activities as many parts of Sri Lanka wear fully modern look and provide facilities like bars, pubs, casinos, night clubs & discos and cinemas which you can avail benefits of . One can also have one's creative urge pampered in theatres and art galleries. Enjoy with these activities and have gala time in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is the hot spot in South Asia for the most active nightlife in Colombo where a part of the Galle Road is said to resemble Las Vegas in virtue of many casinos and night clubs. Colombo is a city with something for everyone and also a place constantly changing and moving forward keeping with its old luster. One thing is for sure, you will never get bored in Colombo with so much to see and do.

Bars & Pubs

Sri Lanka provides enough options to continue with your bar and pub hopping spree. All most all cities offer an array of well-stocked bars and pubs where you can enjoy yourselves to the hilt. All famous foreign beer & spirits are available in these bars in addition to local spirits. So visit Sri Lanka and ignite your tongue with some drinks.

Night Clubs & Discos

Visit the night clubs & discos in Sri Lanka with your friends and pass away the night chilling out and shaking off your legs. Dance on the loud music belted out by the speakers or sometimes with live bands ( mostly of excellent standard ). Sri Lankan capital Colombo has so many night clubs who would always be ready to entertain both young adults and mature clientele.


Sri Lanka is the ideal and hot spot where you can fulfill your casino vagaries while trying your luck in casinos with complimentary food and drinks. Any trip of you is incomplete without a visit to a casino in Colombo where there is no dearth of casinos. Any time whenever you wish, you can visit these casinos and check out whether your luck is supporting you in Sri Lanka. Entrance only for those who are over 18 years and some casino clubs offer entrance only for foreigners.

Art Galleries

Tourists having interest in arts can pass plenty of creative time in Sri Lanka because there are so many art galleries particularly in Colombo, which would satisfy the creative urge in you. In these art galleries you can not only pass some productive time but also entertain yourself creatively.


In Sri Lanka are as popular as cinemas. In these theatres some highly capable artists perform. Tourists fond of theatres can visit these places to satisfy their creative urge. Plays performed in these theatres are finalised after lots of effort and rehearsal. Visit these theatres and entertain yourselves creatively.


Movies have always been popular among the Sri Lankans. When on tour in Sri Lanka you can visit cinemas screening Indian or Hollywood movies than native movies as Indian and Tamil movie stars are quite popular in Sri Lanka and so are Hollywood artists. Movies are the source of entertainment and joy to most Sri Lankans.